Rain F. Bloodworth


London, ON, Canada




2018-2022 BFA, Honors Specialization of Studio Arts, Western University, London, ON 

2014-2018 OSSD, London South Collegiate Institute

Group Exhibitions


2022 Ante Meridiem, ArtLab Gallery, London, ON

2022 Aeterna Glamour: Curated by VASA, Cohen Commons, London, ON

2022 20th Annual Juried Exhibition, ArtLab Gallery, London, ON

2021 New Again: Members' Show and Sale, Forest City Gallery, London, ON

2021 Does Not Equate, Satellite Project Space, London, ON

2020 Everyone Here Has Something In Common, SA 2643, ArtLab Gallery, London, ON

2018 South Art and Comm Tech Night, London South Collegiate Institute, London, ON


Grants & Awards


2022 Future Desserts Award, Practicum class of 2022, University of Western Ontario

2022 Visual Arts Department Art History Book Award, University of Western Ontario

2018-2021 Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Award, University of Western Ontario

2019 Dean’s Honors List *For 2018*, University of Western Ontario

2018 School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities Entrance Scholarship, University of Western Ontario

2018 Graduated Suma Cum Laude, London South Collegiate Institute

2018 Honors *in all courses*, London South Collegiate Institute

2016 OSSTF Student Achievement Award, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation


Media & Publications


2022 Various works, Ante Meridiem, UWO Collaborative Publication, March 24th

2022 at ease, Glamour, Aeterna, VASA at UWO, London, ON, April 1st

2022 Fritz, Spring 2022, Semicolon, AHSC Publications UWO, pg 44, London, ON, March 22nd

2022 Like rabbits, Spring 2022, Symposium, AHSC Publications UWO, pg 6, London, ON, March 22nd

2021 Soak, Stardust, Iconoclast Collective UWO, pg 2, London, ON, April 1st 

2020 Alters, (Un)Heard, Iconoclast Collective UWO, pg 1, London, ON, November 26th*

2020 Afloat, Cryptic: Alt Mag Issue 2, Cold Strawberries Collective, pg 13, Hamilton, May 15th*

2020 Alter, Cryptic: Alt Mag Issue 2, Cold Strawberries Collective, pg 14, Hamilton, May 15th*

2019 Growing, Birth: Alt Mag Issue 1, Cold Strawberries Collective, pg 38, Hamilton, September 20th*

2019 Inner World, Spring 2019, Symposium, AHSC Publications UWO, pg 10, London, ON, April 1st*

2019 Pansy, Volume 1, Prism: Western’s Queer Arts Magazine, pg 10, London, ON, March 19th*

2018 Two-Spirit, Hyphen, Iconoclast Collective UWO, pg 28, London, ON, November 23rd*


Professional Activities


2018-2019 First Year Academics Associate, Arts and Humanities Student Council UWO

2017 Props & Set Design Head, Shakespeare: The Mixtape, Grand Theater, London, ON

2016 Props & Set Design Head, Julius Caesar, Grand Theater, London, ON

2016 Wardrobe Department Member, Les Misérables School Edition, Grand Theater London, ON




2021 Live Chalk Drawings *2-hour performances*, London Arts Council, London, ON

Stay Cool, August 12th

Rainbow Retriever, August 10th

Jackalope From Space, August 7th

Invisible, July 15th

Love Yourself, July 13th

Mental Health Matters, July 6th

Respect Turtle Island, July 1st

Every Child Matters, June 29th

We Never Stop Growing, June 24th

Support Local Artists, June 22nd

2015 Private Commission for Faculty Member, London South Collegiate Institute, London, ON

*Published under the former name, Rayne Cauchi, or the aliases Rayne Rabbit, Runny Babbit, or Runny Arts.

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